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Year 1

Hello and Welcome to year 1.

Your child has begun their learning journey in EYFS and I am excited to continue the next stage of their learning with them.

Your child will consolidate their learning of phonics and should become confident in being able to match each group of letters (eg: igh, ea, th) with the sound it makes. They will be encouraged to read a wide range of stories and listen to poems.

We will learn to spell a range of words containing the sounds already taught (eg: light, read, think etc) and the high frequency words for year 1.  They will learn to form all the letters of the alphabet in lower case and capitals, plus the digits 0 to 9. They will sequence sentences to form short stories. They will punctuate sentences with a capital and full stop, and will begin to learn about question marks and exclamation marks.

We will be encouraging children to read regularly with you at home “If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.” – Roald Dahl. So remember to read and enjoy lots of books with your child.  Note the title of the book and sign when your child has read. We would like you aim to read 5 times a week with your child.

This term in maths we will continue to practice counting forwards and backwards to 10 and then 20 and we will be learning their addition and subtraction facts to 10. They will start to learn to count in 2s.

At home you can support your child by counting, sorting and noticing numbers in the environment.

We will be learning about time starting with the days of the week. This will also link with an ongoing science unit about seasonal changes so we will be watching the changes in the weather and comparing the seasons.

During our thematic lessons ‘Leaving a Legacy’ we will be find out about changes within our lifetime so be prepared for questions about your childhood and grandparents childhoods. We will be exploring old and new toys.

During our science lessons we will be learning about living things finding out about our wonderful world of plants and animals.

On PE days children are to come ready in their PE kits, year one's PE day is on Wednesdays. We will also be walking, jogging and running everyday to complete a daily mile.

I hope you child settles quickly in to year one.