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Subject leaders: Miss M Houghton & Mrs S Batchelor


Science has changed our lives and is vital to the world’s future prosperity; a high-quality science education enables pupils to develop a thorough understanding of the world around them.  

At Sacred Heart we ensure that all children will: 

  • Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific areas of biology, chemistry and physics.  
  • Develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science through different types of science enquiries that help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them. 
  • Be equipped with the scientific knowledge required to understand the uses and implications of science, today and for the future. 



We mainly follow ‘Rising stars’ to ensure  national curriculum coverage and that progress is evident within and across year groups. We use the 3D approach throughout our Science lessons, ensuring that children are given the opportunities to discover for themselves, develop their Scientific knowledge and skills and deepen their understanding of essential scientific principles. Science lessons are taught weekly where children are able to engage in curious thinking to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes. The students engage in a balance of both practical and written tasks within teaching.  Scientific enquiry is another key focus within our Science lessons, our lessons are mapped out to ensure that children are using the key skills identified within the ‘Working Scientifically’ aspects of the curriculum.