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Sacred Heart's response to the COVID 19 pandemic

Over recent weeks, our staff have been reflecting on the last 14 months of the coronavirus pandemic as part of our school's self-evaluation process. As part of this, we have considered many aspects of school life during this time including; learning, welfare and wellbeing, leadership, health and safety and safeguarding.

We are really keen to get our parent’s and carer’s thoughts on this as well. Therefore, we have put together the following short survey that will allow you to share your thoughts on the school's impact and performance during the last year.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Please circle a score from 1-5 for each of the following questions (with 5 being the most satisfied)

Communication and Engagement

I feel that communication from the school has kept me up to date and informed of COVID related information
I have felt well informed of all the safety measures put in place to keep my child safe in school
I have felt well informed about the school's full re-opening at each stage
If I have shared a concern or raised a query, this has been responded to in a timely manner and satisfactorily


I feel that the routines, procedures and measures put in place by the school have provided reassurance to me as a parent
I feel confident in the school's risk assessment and procedures to keep my child safe
My child understands why rules are in place in school to be COVID safe and understands how to follow these rules safely
I understand that school leaders made decisions regarding the full re-opening of the school in response to local and national guidance

Pupil Welfare

I received regular, supportive contact from school staff during the periods of school closure
The school has demonstrated positive awareness about my child's health and well-being as the school fully re-opened (September 2020 and March 2021)
My child has settled back in to school and feels happy and safe
As a parent, I am happy that my child's emotional well-being is being supported in school
I know how to contact the school if I have a concern about my child's emotional well-being
If I have shared a concern about my child's emotional well-being, this has been responded to in a timely and effective manner


The school is well led
I would recommend this school to another parent