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RSE 'Life to the Full' Parent Consultation Survey

As a school, we are required to offer parents the opportunity to give their feedback regarding certain elements of the RSE programme which are left to the school’s discretion. These areas are called ‘Key Decisions’ and cover: the discussion of the terminology used to name body parts (KS1), puberty (LKS2), terminology used to deliver on-line safety sessions (UKS2) and how babies are made (UKS2).

With this in mind, we are asking you to complete the questionnaire below.
Please complete this by Sunday 6th December 2020. Following this we will share the questionnaire feedback and any necessary key curriculum information.

Please select an answer for each of the following questions. If you have any further comments to add, use the comment box beneath each question.

I approve of my child learning the names of female and male body parts in KS1*
I think Year 4 is a good time to start learning about physical changes during puberty*
I am happy for my child to be taught about how babies are made in Year 6, in a way that is respectful of Catholic beliefs*